As an artist, yoga + dance teacher, I love connecting with others, exploring my own physicality  + venturing into the WA landscape with my pup Olive. 
My latest solo exhibition STATE OF FLOW explored the richness of the present moment through immersive works of our Wild West + of people + dogs swimming. The show was curated so viewers entered the gallery as if descending a Pilbara Gorge. Moving from the arid + bright outdoors, the sudden shock of lush greenery + shade coaxed you into the gallery to explore each colourful oil painting through palms fronds + around corners. 
My focus for 2020 has been on portraiture, further plein air exploration of our sublime West + large scale swimming pieces. I have recently been to NINGALOO swimming with whale sharks so currently working on an underwater series.
I am taking COMMISSIONS for January currently. I love to create unique artworks bespoke for your space, portraits, pup portraits + landscapes that evoke personal connection.
I also curate + provide art consultancy services for Juniper Galleries. For further information on the gallery + contemporary West Australian art please get in touch.
Bachelor of Fine Arts UWA / Portraiture Florence + Salisbury / Watercolour Tasmania / Pigment Development London / Yoga + Dance teacher
WEST solo exhibition Juniper Galleries 2017 / TIDAL group show Kidogo Art Institute 2018 / CONTOUR + ANNUAL COLLECTION group shows Juniper Galleries 2018 / KALGOORLIE, ELLENBROOK, DARLINGTON ARTS + BAYSWATER art awards 2018 / DARLINGTON ARTS + CLAREMONT art awards 2019 / MHOS Juniper Residency 2019 / STATE OF FLOW solo exhibition Juniper Galleries 2019
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